Costom OpenAI Model Training Tool
No-Code Custom OpenAI GPT-4 Model Training

More reliable output and consistent results

A user-friendly no-code tool to fine-tune and customise GPT-4 for lead generation, communication, and content marketing in any industry. Connect your OpenAI, upload your sample content or URLs for data web scraping, let us create relevant data sets, train your OpenAI model, and put your OpenAI API into your application. Our intuitive training tool allows entrepreneurs, marketers, sales agents, and developers to train the models in a few clicks, with updated content (and not only with the standard data until 2021). Read also here to learn How to Train Custom OpenAI Models.

  • Insert your OpenAI API Key
  • Select Your Industry
  • Upload Texts and PDFs
  • Insert URLs for Automatic Content Extraction
  • Generate Editable Q&A-Style Data Sets
  • Train Your Model in One Click
  • Use it in your Chatbots
  • Use it for Autoresponders
  • Use it for Lead Generation
  • Track your Models Performance
  • Edit Your Custom OpenAI Model
Social media users

2 BN +

Social Media Users

Business Directories

120 +

Business Directories

Feelence Platforms

15 +

Freelence Platforms

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10 +

Types of Content


Create More Visibility and Sales Opportunities

Linkedin Leads Generation

Linkedin Leads

Tell us about your industry, product, buyer persona, and goals. Then, let AI4Leads find, contact, and connect with targeted Linkedin users automatically and convey personalised messages (no spam).

Telegram Leads

Telegram Leads

Use AI4Leads to automatically find targeted users active in public Telegram channels related to your industry and to contact them based on your goals.

Freelancer Auto-Bidding

Freelence Platforms

Create your professional profile, insert your talents, and choose the freelance platforms for your career. Then, let AI4Leads auto-bid on multiple jobs and projects in line with your skills, rate, and preferences.

Content Marketing feature

Content Marketing

AI to make it fast and productive. Professional experts to make it perfect. Define your topic, goals, and target. Then let Ai4Leads create the content for you (SEO content, business copy, images, videos, and infographics).

Twitter Leads Generation

Twitter Leads

Define and select your target and buyer persona. Then, let AI4Leads find, follow and contact Twitter users automatically with a relevant message (no spam).

web scraping lead generation feature

Web Scraping for Leads

Use our Apache-Spark-based big-data engine and scripts to browse the Internet and extract business contacts automatically from all websites and business directories (GDPR-compliant).


Email Outreach

Let AI4Leads generate the best messages using AI and GPT models, and deliver them automatically for contact generation, replies, and lead nurturing.

content sharing auto-posting

Content Sharing & Auto-Posting

Get the most out of your content and use it to grow your online visibility, increase organic traffic, create brand awareness, build reputation and trust, create a sales funnel and generate leads. Download and share all the content or auto-post it on social media, blogs, landing pages, and online shops.


A Single Source for Lead Generation

Tell your story, and we will take care of your lead-generation activities.

Use our dashboard for the onboarding process and to get the results (leads datasets, freelance assignments, content assets).

1. Take the most out of your lead generation strategy by purchasing a fully-featured package.

2. lternatively, focus on specific activities and buy single service packs.

Be the protagonist of your lead generation activities and execute the whole process yourself.

You still benefit from our AI and automation features to make things quick and efficient.

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